Workshop on Minor Prophets Translation Issues
October 18, 2019

On October 9-17, the Institute for Bible Translation held a workshop on Minor Prophets Translation Issues. It was attended by translation teams from eleven language groups (Adyghe, Avar, Balkar, Erzya, Kabardian, KumykKyrgyz, Mari, Tabasaran, Tajik, and Yakut). The discussion was headed by IBT consultant Andrei Desnitsky and by Yevgeniy Shved, the exegetical advisor in several of IBT's translation projects. The workshop focused on the text and translation issues of three minor prophets (Zephaniah, Joel, Haggai).

For the first time a new workshop format was tested, when more time was given to the practice of translation, rather than theoretical information. The goal of the workshop was to produce a good translation of the books, drafted and checked for exegetical accuracy. It can be said that the goal was reached, with 9 out of 11 projects being able to produce a full translation of the three prophets, which will be ready for field testing after finishing touches.