Andrei Desnitsky provides a broad but detailed overview of why and how Bible translation is done, based on two decades of experience working as a translator, exegete and translation consultant for projects in the Russian Federation and other post-Soviet countries.


IBT translation consultant Andrei Desnitsky's introduction to the theory and practice of biblical exegesis. Mandatory reading for IBT's exegetical advisors.


A beautifully illustrated polyglot edition of the prologue to John's Gospel (1:1-17), also known as the Easter/Paschal polyglot edition because this passage is read in various languages during the Orthodox Easter service. Includes 84 languages, most of them indigenous languages of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

A shortened version of Biblical scholar and Bible translator Ernst Wendland's Analyzing the Psalms, guidelines for analyzing the text of the Psalms and translating them into other languages.

Papers presented at conference held by IBT and the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2008 to examine the role of Bible translation in developing and preserving the languages of Russia and the CIS in the face of diminishing language vitality in many of these languages.