The Gospel of Matthew with audio recording was published in 2016, and both the text and audio are now available on the IBT website. There are plans to produce an Android app of this book in the near future. This should help get the text out to a much wider audience than those Laks that would feel comfortable having a hard copy of the book (societal pressure is very strong in Dagestan).
The Gospel of Luke together with Acts is also available on the IBT website. This is the most recent 2019 publication. The illustrated edition of 9 Parables from Luke will also soon be submitted to the publishing department for printing in 2019.

Your donation will allow IBT to continue the Lak Bible translation in 2019.

March 19, 2019

IBT’s new Lak edition appears under the title Injil, the Arabic equivalent of the Greek term εὐαγγέλιον, which means "gospel, good news." It includes a revision of the Gospel of Luke and the first-ever publication of the Acts of the Apostles. The first Lak translation of Luke was published by IBT in 2003, and then reprinted in 2012. The translation is accompanied by footnotes with relevant cultural and historical information, as well as a glossary of key biblical terms and difficult Lak words, maps of the ancient Mediterranean world, and other supplemental materials.

June 23, 2016

A new book has been published in the Lak language of Dagestan. This is the Gospel of Matthew, released together with its audio recording on CD. The PDF version of the book is available for download from the e-book section of IBT website.

The Lak language is spoken by about 146,000 native speakers.The historical center of Lak society is in the town of Kumukh in the highlands of Dagestan, but today most Laks live in the city of Makhachkala near the Caspian Sea and other lowland parts of Dagestan and Russia...

Autumn 2014 Newsletter on the Lak project

"The Holy Scripture is always a source of inspiration. You cannot learn it once and for all like a multiplication table, and then put it aside and simply recall it at need. When you come into contact with this Book, when you read it or look it through, you always see something that you have not noticed beforehand. Now we are at the point of starting the translation of John. It must be difficult, but we have already entered the water. There will be hidden reefs of course, but we will not tread on the ground – we shall walk on the water!”