Audio recording of the book of Proverbs in Adyghe
December 1, 2014

 In late November 2014, IBT's audio manager Rodion Popov traveled to Maikop, the capital city of Adyghea in south Russia, to record the recently published book of Proverbs in the Adyghe language. Three professional actors from the Adyghe National Theater lent their voices to produce the recording. The musical background – Adyghe melodies on the accordion and flute –  will be taken from instrumental music recorded by the well-known Adyghe folk musician and composer Aslan Tlebzu.  

IBT's work was facilitated by the expert consultation and technical support of Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), a long-time partner organization.  The completed recording will be made available on CD and on the IBT website in early 2015.