December 18, 2015

Working in coordination with the Bible Society of Kyrgyzstan and the Orthodox Diocese of Kyrgyzstan, IBT has produced the Kyrgyz translation of  the Six Psalms (Hexapsalmos) that are used in the Orthodox church service. In mid-December, IBT’s deputy director Marina Lomova presented the diocese with 200 copies of this translation, which was printed in Bishkek by Al-Salam Publishing House.

Winter 2015-2016 Newsletter on what is common between the Kyrgyz epic story and the Bible

Probably any nation or people group, or at least the majority of them, have their heroic epics, but only a few of them can claim that their national epic is rooted in Biblical history. One of those few is the Kyrgyz people. An IBT Kyrgyz translator shares what he finds in common between the Kyrgyz epic story and the Bible. “The Kyrgyz epic is the largest in the world and we have much pride in it. It is called “Manas”. I’ve come to the conclusion that some storylines in Manas can be traced back to Bible plots. For example...