Children’s Bible in the Tatar language
February 7, 2024
Библия для детей на татарском яз. ИПБ, 2023

IBT has released the second edition of the Children's Bible in Tatar. This new edition has been carefully aligned with the text of the complete Bible in Tatar, published in 2015. The first edition of the Children's Bible has already become a rare find and over the past 12 years a new generation of young readers has emerged.

The Children's Bible is a collection of 250 Bible stories that recount the events described in the Old and New Testament, from the creation of the world to Revelation. This book contains retellings and direct quotations of selected biblical texts, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of these important events. To further engage young readers, each story is accompanied by a bright colour illustration that brings the stories to life.

IBT has published 20 editions of biblical translations in the Tatar language over the 30 years of the project's work. These translations can be easily accessed and downloaded from the IBT website's electronic publications section. Additionally, the Izge Yazma app is available for Android and iOS, providing the complete text of the Bible in Tatar, accompanied by an audio recording.

The Tatar language holds a significant position in the Republic of Tatarstan, as one of its official languages alongside Russian. Tatar belongs to the Kypchak group of Turkic languages. According to Ethnologue approximately 5,200,000 people speak the Tatar language. It is the second most widely spoken  language in the Russian Federation.The Tatar language is widely used in publishing educational, artistic, journalistic, and scientific literature, as well as in hundreds of newspapers and magazines, radio and television programs, and theaters.