Fr. Aleksandr Troitsky

- the Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Bible Translation, Russia/CIS since 2003. He is the director of the Synodal Library of the Russian Orthodox Church.



Dr. Vitaly Voinov

- the director of the Institute for Bible Translation, Russia/CIS since 1 October 2013. A linguist and experienced Bible translator, Voinov has worked with IBT for fifteen years, spending almost nine of these onsite in the south Siberian region of Tuva, where he helped to make the first-ever translation of the Bible in the Tuvan language a reality in 2011. Besides this, he also serves as the exegete for the  Gagauz project and the consultant for the Lak & Tskhur projects.

Dr. Marianne Beerle-Moor

- the director of the Institute for Bible Translation, Russia/CIS from 1997 until 2013. She is a specialist in the field of linguistics and ethno-linguistics (Caucasian studies and Lezgi grammar), PHD, Doctor (honoris causa) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and consultant for translation projects.

In February 2002 Dr. Beerle-Moor was awarded the Order of St. Dmitriy Donskoy and St. Sergius of Radonezh “For Serving the Native Land” for IBT's advancement of spiritual and moral formation in Russian society.

In May 2005 Dr. Beerle-Moor was awarded the Order of Civil Valour by the Yakut Republic for IBT"s work towards the revival of spirituality and the translation of the New Testament into the Yakut language.

In November 2009 Dr. Beerle-Moor was awarded the “Forever together” medal of the Kalmyk Republic for IBT's work on Bible translation into the Kalmyk language.

In September 2013, Dr. Marianne Beerle-Moor was honored by the Russian Orthodox Church with the prestigious St. Innoсent Award for her selfless work to promote the translation and publication of the books of the New Testament in the Koryak and Itelmen languages, spoken by the native peoples of Kamchatka.

In May 2014 Dr. Beerle-Moor was honored with a letter of commendation from Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church for her many years of service to the cause of Bible translation into the languages of Russia, and in celebration of her 70th birthday last year. 

Since 1 October 2013 Dr. Beerle-Moor has been a translation consultant in the Lezgi project.

Dr. Borislav Arapovic

- the founder of the Institute for Bible Translation, renowned specialist in Slavic languages, poet,  member of the Swedish Slavists’ Association, the Swedish Writers’ Union and the Croatian Writers’ Union of Bosnia-Herzegovina, PHD, Doctor (honoris causa) and Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

For the creation of the Children’s Bible Dr. Borislav Arapovic was awarded the Leo Tolstoy medal by the Russian Children’s Fund.