About us

Purpose statement

IBT's main aim is to translate, publish and distribute the Bible in the languages of the non-Slavic peoples living in Russia and the other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). These 85 million non-Slavic peoples represent a tremendous diversity of language (at least 130 different languages) and religion (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Shamanism). Some of these peoples number many millions; other languages have only a few thousand speakers. Some of the languages have a long written tradition; in others a written form is only now being created.

IBT Russia/CIS office in Moscow

The office of IBT Russia/CIS is located in St. Andrew's Monastery in Moscow (also the location of the reading room of the Russian Orthodox Church’s Synodal Library), on the banks of the Moscow River next to the new building of the Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium.  IBT is a non-profit scholarly organization with staff from different Christian traditions and denominations.


IBT is a member of the International Forum of Bible Agencies (IFOBA). In some translation projects IBT partners with other international Bible translation agencies, such as United Bible Societies (UBS)SIL International and the Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT). In the countries of its activity IBT works in cooperation with churches and religious organizations of all Christian denominations, national Bible Societies, scientific institutions and with the state authorities.

Bible Translation

IBT strives to make accurate and faithful translations which reveal the message of the Bible to modern readers in their own languages. IBT’s office in Moscow coordinates the work of 65 translation projects. Translation team members live in different cities and countries, but at certain stages of their work it is necessary for them to meet and work together. In addition to coordinating and administering the work of Bible translation, the office also holds seminars for translators and exegetical checkers. There are usually three such seminars each year. In addition to its Bible publications, IBT also produces Scripture books for children, Bible reference works and scientific materials related to the receptor languages.


IBT publishes quality editions appropriate for a book’s content and readers’ expectations. The Moscow office prepares the translated Bible texts for publishing. The staff is involved in typesetting, illustrations, maps and cover design. In addition, technical assistance, such as computer hardware and software support, font problems, etc., is provided by Moscow office staff to translators in the field. IBT maintains contacts with printing houses in Russia and abroad.

Distribution, Information and PR

IBT coordinates the distribution of the published editions through cooperation with distribution partners - churches of all denominations, libraries, educational and scientific institutions, IBT organizes presentations of its publications, issues a Newsletter in English and German and publishes the "News of Bible Translation" information bulletin in Russian.


IBT Russia/CIS is a non-profit  organization financed through charity donations and contributions from individuals, organizations & foundations.