IBT at the Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation
April 16, 2015

In mid-April, two IBT staff members attended the EMDC conference in Holland. EMDC (Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation) is an annual forum, meeting alternately in Asia and Europe, at which minority language workers can meet with electronic media specialists and technicians, recording specialists, graphic artists, digital publishers and specialists in orality and ethno-arts. This year's EMDC hosted 380 participants from 130 organizations in 61 countries.

Instructors from 20 different organizations gave 42 lectures and practical training sessions in producing audio/video materials, websites, mobile phone apps, and animated films, as well as in developing oral stories and other products that harness the cultural energy of folk art forms.

IBT staff member Rodion Popov was trained in producing Bible apps for smartphones and tablets so that IBT could continue offering our readers an increasing assortment of digital forms for accessing our Scripture translations. Deputy director Marina Lomova was able to fruitfully network with partner agencies about various joint projects, including IBT's Scripture Engagement seminar, held in Moscow in early June in coordination with SIL International, and regional mini-seminars on technology and Scripture engagement which well be held for IBT's projects in the future.