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* Portable versions require no installation. They can also be run off of a flash-stick or other portable storage device.
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All texts can now be accessed from the program by pressing the F2 key. It is no longer necessary to download add-in modules here.

And Bible

After installation, select "Download Documents", choose your language, and download the documents you want.

And Bible


After installation, select "More..." then "Downloads", click the refresh icon in the upper right and refresh the source list. Then choose "IBT" and download the documents you want.


  And Bible Pocket­Sword
[1] App fully functions without Internet but uses it to download modules.
Platform Android iOS
Special features For study and offline use For study and offline use
Works without Internet
Библия для детей
Стронга номера описаний
Толковая Библия Лопухина
Синодальный перевод (1876)


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