Revised Tuvan Children's Bible with audio CD
October 3, 2014

Responding to numerous requests from Tuvan churches, the Institute for Bible Translation has published the 2nd edition of its popular Children's Bible in the Tuvan language – "Illustrated Stories from the Bible". The first edition was so popular that the entire print-run was distributed within the first several weeks after being delivered to Tuva in 2001 together with the New Testament. Since then, IBT completed work on the entire Old Testament and published the full Tuvan Bible in 2011. This meant that the new edition of the Children's Bible could make use of this new translation, including an updated and polished system of key terms. The 2nd edition comes with an audio CD on which the text is read aloud by a professional Tuvan actor and accompanied by snippets of Tuvan music between stories. An index of Bible passages is also provided at the end of the book in order to help readers find the complete version of the stories in the full Bible.

IBT was blessed to have the Orthodox bishop of Tuva write a preface to the 2nd edition of the Children's Bible. In it, Bishop Theophanes says, "The possibility of coming into contact with the Word of God is undoubtedly of great use and joy not only to Christians, but to everyone who knows even a little of the Sacred History through reading literature, seeing works of art, or hearing musical masterpieces... I am convinced that both children and their parents and teachers will benefit from reading the Tuvan Children's Bible as they begin to get acquainted with Holy Scripture."

The revised Tuvan Children's Bible will soon be delivered to Tuva and begin to be distributed via the library system and local churches.