Exodus published in the Adyghe language
March 11, 2015

IBT is continuing to make progress towards the goal of translating and publishing the Old Testament in the Adyghe language, spoken by about 120,000 people in the Northwest Caucasus in south Russia and many more in the diaspora. The latest trial publication is the book of Exodus, delivered to Adyghea in late February.

Earlier Adyghe publications by IBT were the New Testament (1991, 1992), 1-2 Samuel (2002), Genesis (2005), Ruth/Esther/Jonah (2006), Psalms (2007), 1-2 Kings (2009) and Proverbs (2014).  Plans for the immediate future include editing the draft translation of Deuteronomy, Daniel, and Haggai, and also completing mastering work on the recent audio recording of Proverbs, produced with the help of Hosanna/FCBH. This audio recording will be included on a CD together with a second edition of the book of Proverbs, which has been requested by representatives of the Adyghe people because readers are very interested in this book's wise sayings and no more copies of last year's edition are available.