The Abraham and Joseph stories in Dungan
February 14, 2019

IBT has published another two Dungan-language editions from the series “The Lives of the Prophets”, this time on the stories of Abraham and Joseph from the book of Genesis. The first book in this series was the Noah story, published in 2016. The Dungan translations of the Abraham and Joseph  stories are accompanied by a parallel Russian text, as well as by beautiful illustrations by Dungan artist Khalida Shimova and an audio recording on CD.

The Dungans are a Sino-Tibetan ethnic group that originally hailed from China but now lives primarily in Central Asia. According to one estimate, there are approximately 130,000 Dungans. They use a Cyrillic-based orthography and are adherents of Islam.

 The PDF version of the two new books and their audio recordings can be downloaded from the IBT website.

The next “Lives of the Prophets” edition in Dungan will be the story of Moses from the Pentateuch.