The Noah story in the Dungan language
November 30, 2016

IBT has published a new illustrated Scripture portion, the Noah story, in the Dungan language. The story of Noah and the Flood from the book of Genesis is the first publication in the “Lives of the Prophets” series that the Dungan translation team is working on following the popular edition of the Proverbs of Solomon (published in 2015). The Noah story is presented in parallel columns in Dungan and Russian and is illustrated by beautiful artwork produced by a Dungan painter. An audio CD with the recording of the story in Dungan is included with the book. The PDF of this book will soon be available in the Electronic Bible section of the IBT website.

The Dungans originally came from China but today live primarily in Central Asia. They number about 90,000 people, mostly Muslims, and use a Cyrillic-based writing system.