Beerle-Moor, M., Voinov V. (eds.). Language Vitality Through Bible Translation. NY: Peter Lang, 2015

Language Vitality Through Bible Translation, edited by Dr. Marianne Beerle-Moor and Dr. Vitaly Voinov and published by Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, is number 95 in the Berkeley Insights in Linguistics and Semiotics series.

Recent research has shown that an alarming number of the world’s languages are in danger of disappearing within the next century. However, this drastic narrowing of linguistic diversity is not inevitable. Alongside the growing awareness of language endangerment is a new emphasis on language vitality and new efforts to provide communities with the knowledge and skills to keep their language in active use and pass on that heritage intact to the next generation.

As communities take ownership of language development, producing original literature is one activity that can increase language use. But what about translations from other languages? A new resource, Language Vitality Through Bible Translation, examines the impact of Scripture translation projects in a variety of contexts.

This interdisciplinary collection of articles, written by scholars involved in translating the Bible into various languages around the world, demonstrates that such translation projects are promoting the vitality of local languages, both those that are endangered and those that are still fairly healthy but non-empowered. Bible translation and activities typically associated with it, such as linguistic documentation, vernacular literacy work, cultural engagement, community development, technological advancement, and self-esteem building among native speakers, help languages to develop and strengthen their position in society and should therefore be welcomed by linguists and all who care about stemming the growing tide of language death all over the world. This book is immediately relevant to the global community of documentary and conservationist linguists, as well as to anyone interested in translation studies, the sociology of religion, and the relationship between language, culture, and the Bible.

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