The translation of the Gospel of Mark into Russian Sign Language has been completed
September 9, 2021

The Gospel of Mark has been fully translated into Russian Sign Language (RSL). The translation was produced by the Institute for Bible Translation in partnership with the "Desnitsa" Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Videos of all 16 chapters of Mark are now available for viewing on IBT's YouTube channel. In order to explain biblical concepts and difficult passages to Deaf audiences, supplementary materials consisting of 31 "footnotes" (commentary video entries) and 98 glossary video entries were also produced.

For the convenience of users, all these materials have been collected in a specially created app for the Deaf (Android and iOS). The Android app has already been downloaded over 3,000 times, and the iPhone app over 1,000 times.

The RSL translation team is continuing its work on the translation of the First Epistle of John.

This project is supported by the Russian Orthodox Church's Synodal Department for Charity and Social Ministry and the All-Russian Society of the Deaf.