“Bible Stories” in the Lak language
February 13, 2024

IBT has published a new edition of Bible Stories in the Lak language. This publication joins a series of previous translations, including the Gospel of Mark (1996), Gospel of Luke (2002, 2012), Gospel of Matthew (2016), Gospel of Luke and Acts (2019), and Gospel Parables (2020), all of which are available on the IBT website in the e-publications section.

Bible Stories is a collection of 58 narrative passages recounting the major events described in the Old and New Testament, from the creation of the world to Revelation. The book is a condensed version of the popular Children's Bible that IBT has been publishing in various languages for many years.

Bible Stories serves as an introduction to the world of the Bible, providing readers with an understanding of its fundamental concepts and characters while also sparking interest in the Holy Scriptures. Each story is accompanied by vibrant illustrations that further enhance the reading experience.

The Laks, one of the indigenous peoples of the North Caucasus, have historically resided in the central part of Dagestan. The Lak language belongs to the Nakh-Dagestan family. It is one of the 14 official languages of the Dagestan Republic of the Russian Federation and is spoken by approximately 140,000 people.