Presentation of Paul’s Epistles: Texts and Commentary
September 20, 2017

A presentation of IBT’s latest scholarly edition, The Pauline Epistles: Texts and Commentary, was held on September 26.  IBT co-published this edition with publishing house “Granat”, which organized the presentation at a cultural center in Moscow.

Paul’s writings are among the hardest books of the Bible to understand, and many readers do not have a sufficient knowledge of the historical, cultural and linguistic environment in which they were written to fully appreciate some of the material in them. IBT’s edition seeks to help Russian-language readers who do not have many study materials on the Pauline Epistles. The text of the Epistles is presented in four columns: Koiné Greek and three Russian translations. Comments on verses that present interpretive difficulties for the modern reader are given at the bottom of each page, including discussion of the author’s key theological ideas, important cultural, historical or geographical concepts, and citations and allusions to other biblical or non-biblical texts.

The book was originally intended for Bible translators working on the Pauline Epistles in the languages of Russia and other post-Soviet nations, but it soon became clear that it would also be of interest to pastors, seminary students and other lay people who are interested in better understanding these Scriptures.

The first print-run of the book is being distributed in Moscow’s bookstores.