Altai New Testament (2nd ed.) with parallel Russian text
June 21, 2017

IBT has published the second edition of the Altai New Testament, fourteen years after the first edition was released (2003). Altai is a Turkic language spoken by about 57,000 people primarily in south Siberia. In response to requests from readers over the past decade, this edition remains a meaning-based translation and has been thoroughly edited to replace many archaic expressions and to simplify overly complex “Biblical style,” thereby achieving greater naturalness and clarity. The Altai text is accompanied by the text of the Russian Synodal Bible in a parallel column. The 2nd edition was reviewed and approved for publication by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The 3,000 copies of the Altai NT will soon be distributed among libraries, churches, and other interested readers among the Altai people. An audio recording of the revised Altai text was also produced. Both the text and the audio are available for downloading from the IBT website.