The book of Jonah is going to be published separately with pictures that were primarily created for another project. The pictures, prepared specially for IBT by a very talented illustrator, are very beautiful. People in other projects liked them immensely, and now they are being successfully field-tested among the Abaza people.

We believe that translation of several Old Testament books will help to bridge the gap between the Bible and the Abaza people with its deep historic roots, as has already happened in so many other projects in Muslim societies. Illustrated Jonah is going to be the first OT publication in Abaza, but we still need to raise funds to make this publication possible.

Your donation of $30 will allow IBT to publish and deliver 10 copies of the Book of Jonah in the Abaza lnguage to the readers.


Our long term plan is the full Bible in Lezgi. In 2012 a new step was introduced into the translation procedure for this project. The translated texts are now being checked in Azerbaijan, in order to make the translation more understandable for those who are not familiar with the literary language, which is based on one of many dialects. This additional step is making the translation better understood on the other side of the border. The team also initiated reading meetings in Baku, so that the Lezgi believers in Azeri churches would embrace this translation as the Bible they want to read. These meetings have already started. They are very positive, the participants are enthusiastic. This is a good step towards Scripture engagement in Lezgi...

Your donation will help the Lezgi Bible translation project to be continued in 2017

Deaf population in Russia: ≈ 200,000
Status of translation team: active team, consisting of deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing members
Long term plans: NT
Current work: Gospel of Mark