The Gospel of Matthew with audio recording was published in 2016, and both the text and audio are now available on the IBT website. There are plans to produce an Android app of this book in the near future. This should help get the text out to a much wider audience than those Laks that would feel comfortable having a hard copy of the book (societal pressure is very strong in Dagestan).
The Gospel of Luke together with Acts is also available on the IBT website. This is the most recent 2019 publication. The illustrated edition of 9 Parables from Luke will also soon be submitted to the publishing department for printing in 2019.

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After the publication of “Four Parables from the Gospel of Luke” in 2016, the team started working on the Gospel of Mark and later also on the revision of Luke. By now the Synoptic Gospels have been checked for consistency and a checking session of John is planned in 2019 in order to prepare the edition of the 4 Gospels together. Work is also continuing on Acts.

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Deaf population in Russia: ≈ 200,000
Status of translation team: active team, consisting of deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing members
Long term plans: NT
Current work: Gospel of Mark