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Language      Title
Adyghe Proverbs (+audio CD)
Agul Gospel parables
Avar Ruth, Esther, Jonah
Baluchi Gospel of Luke
Bashkir Gospel of Luke (diglot)
Buryat Stories about Jesus (+audio CD)
Crimean Tatar Gospel of Matthew
Crimean Tatar Bible
Dargi Gospel parables
Dolgan Stories about Jesus
Dungan Gospel parables (+audio CD)
Dungan Noah
Evenki Noah
Gagauz Ruth, Jonah
Georgian Stories about Jesus (+multimedia CD)
Greek/Russian Interlinear Gospel of Luke
Greek/Russian Interlinear Gospel of Matthew
Ingush Jonah, Ruth, Esther
Kabardian Proverbs
Kalmyk Bible Stories (+audio CD)
Kalmyk Psalms
Karakalpak Stories about Jesus
Khakas/Russian New Testament (diglot)
Kumyk Psalms
Kurdish (Kurmanji) Psalms, Proverbs (cyr)
Mari-Meadow Bible Stories
Mordvin-Moksha Gospel of John
Mordvin-Moksha Gospel of Matthew
Nenets Gospel of Matthew
Nganasan Selections of Luke
Nogai Gospel parables
Russian Conference book 1999
Russian Conference book 2008
Tabasaran Gospel of Luke (audio)
Tabasaran Esther, Daniel
Tatar Gospel parables
Tsakhur Provebs
Tuvan Children`s Bible (2nd edition)
Udmurt Bible Stories
Wakhi Selections of Luke
Yakut Children's Bible. New Testament part.













































The number of books is limited. Please contact