The Gospel of Luke in Koryak has arrived in Kamchatka

The traditional dog sled race "Beringia 2013" was launched at the settlement called Esso on March 8, 2013. Many people came from all over Kamchatka for its opening. Starting the race, the Governor, Vladimir Ilyukhin stressed the importance of the "Beringia” cultural program, which since 2010 has been an official holiday of the Kamchatka region, and includes concerts, contests and a marathon designed to stimulate creativity.

In 2003 "Beringia" delivered the first Gospel of Luke in Itelmen published by IBT to the distant Itelmen villages. Fr Vladislav Revenok, the Rector of the Church of the Vernicle in Esso is not for the first time participating in the race and not for the first time he is taking with him IBT editions. Thus last year Koryak children were presented with a colorful edition of "Stories about Jesus Christ," in Koryak and Russian with an audio CD. And this year Fr Vladislav is carrying the Gospel of Luke in Koryak and Russian with an audio CD.

For many viewers "Beringia" is a beautiful festival. While for the participants of the race, the dog team drivers it is hard work. The race lasts for a whole month, and covers 950 km! The participants have to run half the way, not to mention caring for the dogs, for whom it is necessary to cook a large pot of food every day. But the most important thing for Fr Vladislav is meeting people. "For us it is important to meet with the parishioners of the far northern settlements, to serve, to baptize, to hold services, and to distribute parcels collected in our church and in the Diocese," says the priest.

Regarding the Gospel in the Koryak language Fr Vladislav says: "Of course, people should read the Scriptures in their own language. Today the Gospel of Luke has been published in Koryak. I would like the Koryak to study their language and to read the Gospel in Koryak. For example, they can read it when preparing for baptism."

The video below (clips from the RTR film "Cyril’s Code. The birth of civilization ", shown on the channel “Russia 1") tells about the distribution of Koryak Luke during "Beringia 2013".