A new edition of the Gospel of Luke in the Bashkir language
June 19, 2017

The Institute for Bible Translation has published a new edition of the Gospel of Luke in Bashkir, a Turkic language spoken in central Russia. Distribution of the 1,000 copy print-run has already begun among the Bashkir people.  

The first edition of Bashkir Luke was published in 1996.  The text used for the 2nd edition is the one that was published in the Bashkir New Testament in 2015.  Other past publications include the Gospel of John (2000) and the Gospel of Mark (2003).  All of these printings are long gone, and IBT has received numerous reprint requests from churches in Bashkortostan and the Moscow area, which took an active part in funding the current edition of Luke.

Bashkir Luke can be read online or downloaded in epub, fb2, mobi and PDF format from.

The Bashkir translation project is ongoing, with the IBT team currently working on the Children’s Bible. In addition, the IBT team is involved in a joint project with the Bible Society in Russia (BSR) to merge the IBT New Testament with the BSR Old Testament.