Bishop Roman of Yakutia visits IBT
May 21, 2014

On 21 May, the Russian Orthodox bishop of Yakutia met with IBT staff at the IBT office in St. Andrew's Monastery in order to discuss further cooperation on Bible translation work into the Yakut (Sakha) language. Bishop Roman expressed gratitude to IBT for publishing a revised version of the colorful Children's Bible in Yakut in 2013. His diocese has already distributed the entire print-run of 3,000 copies among the Yakut population, a significant part of which practices Orthodox Christianity, and has asked IBT to produce a new edition of this text that contains only stories and illustrations from the New Testament.

Bishop Roman told IBT staff about his diocese's translation and publication work and encouraged IBT to continue our efforts to bring the Word of God to the Yakut people. Next in the translation schedule is the Yakut translation of the book of Proverbs. IBT will also soon begin work on producing a dictionary of Biblical and liturgical terms in Yakut, based on the translations of the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, an Orthodox prayer book, the Divine Liturgy, and a book on the foundations of Orthodox culture.