“Bible Stories” in the Dungan language
October 23, 2015

IBT has recently published an illustrated edition of “Bible Stories” in the Dungan language, spoken primarily in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China. This book is a short version of IBT’s beloved Children’s Bible that introduces readers to 58 stories from the Old and New Testament.

This edition is special in that the illustrations were produced by an artist native to Central Asia and presents Bible events in a Central Asian style. Field testing showed that Dungans greatly appreciated these illustrations and found them to be very close to their own culture. The easy-to-follow text and colorful illustrations help readers without previous exposure to the Bible to discover the beauty of the Scriptures for themselves, whether they are children or adults. In order to facilitate an even greater understanding of these stories, the book comes with an audio recording of the text on CD.

The digital edition of the Dungan Bible Stories can be downloaded from the IBT website.