Gospel Parables in the Kumyk language
March 25, 2016

IBT has published a Kumyk-language edition of four parables from the Gospel of Luke: the Good Samaritan (10:30-35), the Wedding Feast (14:16-23), the Prodigal Son (15:11-32) and the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (18:10-14). This book was previously published by IBT in the Agul (2007) and Dungan (2015) languages.

The edition contains 35 black-and-white  illustrations. Produced by an artist from Adyghea (northwest Caucasus),  the illustrations give a Caucasian visual perspective on the stories told by Jesus and bring the world of the Bible closer to Kumyk readers, who live for the most part in the Dagestan region of the northern Caucasus.

Previous Scripture portions published in Kumyk include the Gospel of Mark (1996), the Gospel of Luke (2001), the New Testament (2007), and Genesis and Proverbs (2009). Translation of the Old Testament into Kumyk is in progress, and IBT plans to publish the Psalms by the end of 2016.