Selected scholarly and literary publications of present and past IBT translation staff and consultants


Alekseev, Mikhail (†, exegetical advisor in various Dagestanian projects, 1993-2014)

2011. Перевод Библии на языки народов России: социолингвистические аспекты. (Bible Translation into the Languages of Russia: Sociolinguistic Aspects.) Moscow: Academia Press.

2003 Сравнительно-историческая морфология нахско-дагестанских языков. Категории имени. (A Historical-Comparative Analysis of Nominal Morphology in Nakh-Dagestanian Languages.) Moscow: Academia Press.

1988. Сравнительно-историческая морфология аваро-андийских языков. (A Historical-Comparative Analysis of the Morphology of Avaro-Andi Languages.) Moscow

Arapovich, Borislav (IBT founder and director, 1973-1997)

2005. Prolomom. (Biblioteka Suvremenici 40). Mostar : DHK HB.

2003. Библиография переводов Библии на языки народов России, стран СНГ и Балтии. (Bibliography of Bible translations into the languages of Russia, the CIS and the Baltic republics. Preliminary edition.) IBT.

2002. Between despair and lamentation. [Translated from Croatian by Ivana Pozajić Jerić ; edited by Nancy C. Lee]. Elmhurst, Ill. : Elmhurst College Press.

2002. Krigsdimmor : från Kroatien och Bosnien-Hercegovina 1991-1995. (War Mists: From Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 1991-1995.) Stockholm: Codices.

1999. Hrvatski mirospis 1778. (Croatian Peace Manifest 1778.) Mostar: Matica hrvatska.

1984. Miroslav Krležas Hrvatski bog Mars. (Miroslav Krleža's The Croatian God Mars.) Stockhom: Stockholm University

Beerle-Moor, Marianne (IBT Russia director, 1997-2013; Lezgi project consultant, 1998-present)

2015. Language Vitality Through Bible Translation. (Co-editor.) Berkeley Insights in Linguistics and Semiotics - Volume 95. Peter Lang Publishing.

1985. Studien Zum Lesgischen Verb. (Studies in the Lezgi Verb.) Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.

Clark, David (consultant in various IBT projects, 1995-2014)

2011. “Linguistic and Cultural Influences on Interpretation in Translations of the Bible”. Published in: The Oxford Handbook of The Reception History of the Bible, ed. by M. Lieb, E. Mason, and J. Roberts, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 200-213.

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2004. “Minority Language Biblical Translation Work in Russia: Then and Now”. Published in: Sowing the Word: The Cultural Impact of the British and Foreign Bible Society 1804-2004, ed. by S. Batalden, K. Cann and J. Dean, Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, pp. 217-233

2004. “Anthropology and the 'End User': The Influence of Receptor Cultures on the Translation of the Bible”. Published in: Anthropology and Biblical Studies: Avenues of Approach, ed. by L. J. Lawrence and M. I. Aguilar, Leiden: Deo Publishing, pp. 62-76.

2002. A Handbook on Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. (Co-author.) New York: United Bible Societies.

1989. A Handbook on the Books of Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah. (Co-author.) New York: United Bible Societies

Cotrozzi, Stefano (exegetical advisor in various IBT projects, 1998-2013)

2010. Expected and Unexpected: Aspects of Pragmatic Foregrounding in Old Testament Narratives. LHBOTS, 510. New York: T&T Clark.

2004. Ewenkische Erzaehlungen aus der Insel Sachalin. (Evenki Folk Tales from Sakhalin Island). (Co-author.) Bonn: Verlag fuer Kultur und Wissenschaft.

2002. Ewenkische Märchen. Ethnographischer Umriß, Texte, Übersetzung und Wörterbuch. (Evenki Fairy Tales. Ethnographical Notes, Texts, Translations and Dictionary.). (Co-author.) Bonn: Verlag fuer Kultur und Wissenschaft.

2001. “Where from and where to? Translating 1 Thessalonians 4.14b”. Published in: The Bible Translator, 52(4), pp. 424-430.

1999. “1 Thes 2,7 – A Review”. Published in: Filologia Neotestamentaria 23-24/XII, pp. 155-160.

1998. Exegetischer Führer zum Titus- und Philemonbrief. (Exegetical Guide to the Letters to Titus and Philemon.) Bonn: VKW.

Crisp, Simon (IBT translation dep't head, 1980s-1990s; consultant in various IBT projects, 1998-2008)

2014. “The Correspondence of Erwin Nestle with the BFBS and the 'Nestle-Kilpatrick' Greek New Testament Edition of 1958”. Published in:  Early Readers, Scholars and Editors of the New Testament (Texts and Studies, Vol. 11), ed. by H.A.G. Houghton, Gorgias Press, pp. 189-206.

2013. “The KJV in Orthodox Perspective”. Published in: The King James Version at 400: Assessing Its Genius as Bible Translation and Its Literary Influence, ed. by D. G. Burke, J. F. Kutsko and P. H. Towner, Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature pp. 445-454.

2013. “Manuscripts, Textual Variants, and Bible Translators”. Published in: The Bible Translator  64(2), pp. 118–127.

2006. “P46 and Good as New: The Bearing of Manuscript Evidence on Decisions about Canon”. Published in: Canon and Modern Bible Translation in Interconfessional Perspective,  ed. by Lénart J. de Regt, United Bible Societies.

2002. “Icon of the Ineffable: An Orthodox View of Language and its Implications for Bible Translation”. Published in: Bible Translation on the Threshold of the 21st Century: Authority, Reception, Culture and Religion,  ed. by A. Brenner and J. W. van Henten, Sheffield: SAP/Continuum. pp. 36-49.

1989. “Soviet Language Planning 1917-53”. Published in: Language Planning in the Soviet Union, ed. by M. Kirkwood, Houndmills/London: Macmillan Press, pp. 23-45.

Desnitsky, Andrei (consultant in various IBT projects, 1999-present)

2015. Современный библейский перевод: Теория и методология.   (Contemporary Bible Translation: Theory and Methodology). Moscow: PSTGU Press.

2014. “Euphony in the Septuagint: Genesis 49 and Exodus 15 as Study Cases”. Published in: Journal of Biblical Text Research , No. 35, pp. 218-248.

2011. Введение в библейскую экзегетику (Introduction to Biblical Exegesis). Moscow: PSTGU Press, 2011.

2007. Поэтика библейского параллелизма. (The Poetry of Biblical Parallelism). Moscow: St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute Press.

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2005. “The Septuagint as a Base Text for Bible Translations in Russia”. Published in: The Bible Translator, 56(4), pp. 245-252.

2002. “Bible Translation as Literary Translation”. Published in: Current Trends in Scripture Translation, ed. by P. Noss. United Bible Societies, Bulletin 194/195, pp. 61-72.

Fokin, Alexey (exegetical advisor in Dungan project, 2001-2012)

2014. Формирование тринитарной доктрины в латинской патристике (The Formation of Trinitarian Doctrine in Latin Patristics.) Moscow: Sts. Cyril and Methodius Theological Institute of Post-Graduate Studies.

2010. Иероним Стридонский: библеист, экзегет, теолог (St. Jerome: Bible Scholar, Exegete, Theologian.) Moscow: Center for Biblical and Patrological Studies at the Moscow Orthodox Academy.

2006. “Учение о богодухновенности Священного Писания в Древней Церкви (I–V вв.)". (The Doctrine of the Inspiration of Holy Scripture in the Ancient Church, 1st-4th centuries.) Published in: Православие и Библия сегодня. Kiev, pp. 92-135.

2005. Латинская патрология. Том 1.  (Latin Patrology, Volume 1.) М.: Греко-латинский Кабинет; Наука, 2005. – Т. I.

2001, 2002. “Семитизмы в Новом Завете”. (Semitisms in the New Testament.) Published in: Альфа и Омега 30 (2001), pp. 38-49; 32 (2002), pp. 23-36.

2001. “Текстологическое сопоставление Синодального перевода Нового Завета и издания Nestle-Aland'a”. (A Textological Comparison of the Russian Synodal Translation of the New Testament and the Edition of Nestle-Aland.) Published in: Альфа и Омега 28, pp. 12-29

Gadilia, Ketevan (coordinator of various IBT projects, 2000-present)

2011. “Filling Some Gaps : Notes on the History of Georgian Bible Translation”. Published in: The Bible Translator, 62(1), pp. 46-54.

2009. “Категория определенности и неопределенности в контексте предикатно-аргументной структуры предложения в некоторых западноиранских языках ”. (The Category of Definiteness in Certain Western Iranian Languages.) Published in: Вопросы языкознания 2009 (1), pp. 82-90.

Kazenin, Konstantin (coordinator/exegetical advisor/consultant in various IBT projects, mid-1990s-early 2000s)

2013. Синтаксис современного лакского языка. (The Syntax of the Contemporary Lak Language.) Makhachkala: Alef Press.

2012. Элементы Кавказа. Земля, власть и идеология в Северокавказских республиках. (Caucasian Elements: Land, Power, and Ideology in the North Caucasian Republics.) Moscow: Regnum Press.

2009. “Discontinuous nominals, linear order, and morphological complexity in languages of the North Caucasus”. Published in: Linguistic Typology, 13(3), pp. 391-416.

2003. “Focus in Daghestanian and word order typology”. Published in: Linguistic Typology, 6(3), pp. 289-316.

De Regt, Lénart (consultant in various IBT projects on behalf of United Bible Societies, 2000-present)

2008. “Hebrew Verb Forms in Prose and in Some Poetic and Prophetic Passages: Aspect, Sequentiality, Mood and Cognitive Proximity”. Published in: Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages34(1), pp. 75-103.

2006. Canon and Modern Bible Translation in Interconfessional Perspective. (Editor.) Istanbul: United Bible Societies / Bible Society in Turkey (distributed by Eisenbrauns).

2006. “Hebrew Syntactic Inversions and their Literary Equivalence in English: Robert Alter’s Translations of Genesis and 1 and 2 Samuel”. Published in: Journal for the Study of the Old Testament30, pp. 287-314.

2001. “Person Shift in Prophetic Texts: Its Function and its Rendering in Ancient and Modern Translations”. Published in: The Elusive Prophet: The Prophet as a Historical Person, Literary Character and Anonymous Artist(Oudtestamentische Studiën 45), edited by J.C. de Moor. Leiden: Brill, pp. 214-231.

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1996. Literary Structure and Rhetorical Strategies in the Hebrew Bible. (Co-editor.) Assen: Van Gorcum / Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns.

Somov, Alexey (exegetical advisor in Kurmanji-Kurdish and Kalmyk projects, 2006-2013; consultant in various IBT projects, 2014-present)

2017. Representations of the Afterlife in Luke-Acts. Library of New Testament Studies 556; London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark.

2014. “’He lifted up his eyes’: Translating Luke 16:23 in the Context of Cognitive Interpretation”. Published in: Journal of Biblical Text Research , 35 , pp. 291-309.

2014. “Когнитивная теория метафоры в интерпретации Священного Писания”. (Cognitive Metaphor Theory in the Interpretation of Holy Scripture.) Published in: Страницы: Богословие, культура, образование, 18(3), pp. 343-352.

2013. ”Библейские термины концептуального поля «загробная жизнь» (перевод Библии на языки буддийской культуры)". (Translating Biblical Terms Related to the Conceptual Domain of the Afterlife in Languages with a Buddhist Culture.) Published in: Родной язык 1, pp. 93-116.

2013. ”Концепт «воскресение из мертвых» в картине мира авторов библейской и околобиблейской литературы". (The Concept of the Resurrection from the Dead in the Worldview of the Authors of Biblical and Cognate Literature.) Published in: Религиоведческие исследования 7-8, Moscow, pp. 169-194.

Testelets, Yakov. (exegetical advisor in various IBT projects, 1998-present)

2001. Введение в общий синтаксис. (An Introduction to General Syntax.) Moscow: RGGU Press.

1996. “Translating the New Testament into the Avar language”. (Co-author.) Published in: The Bible Translator, 47(4), pp. 434-443.

Voinov, Vitaly (IBT Russia director, 2013-present; exegetical advisor in Tuvan & Ggauz projects; consultant in Lak, Rutul & Tskhur projects)

2015. Language Vitality Through Bible Translation. (Co-editor.) Berkeley Insights in Linguistics and Semiotics - Volume 95. Peter Lang Publishing.

2014. Politeness Devices in the Tuvan Language. Turcologica 101. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.

2013. “‘Seeing’ is ‘trying’: The relation of visual perception to attemptive modality in the world’s languages”. Published in: Language and Cognition,  5(1), pp. 61-80.

2012. “Troublesome Transliterations”. Published in: The Bible Translator, 63(1), pp. 17-27.

2002. “Pronominal Theology in Translating the Gospels”. Published in: The Bible Translator , 53(2), pp. 210-218.