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April 27, 2024

The Digor variant of the Ossetic language is predominantly spoken by Ossetians from the western region of North Ossetia, specifically the Digor Valley and the Mozdok region. It is also spoken by Digors residing in Vladikavkaz and the eastern part of Kabardino-Balkaria, with the total number of speakers estimated at around 100,000.

The Digor community has an established literary tradition  with newspapers such as “Digory Hubartt” and “Irf” being published. A Digor-Russian dictionary has also been published, and a Digor drama theater is operational. The Constitution of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania recognizes both the Iron and Digor dialects of Ossetic as official languages in the region...

February 13, 2024

IBT has published a new edition of Bible Stories in the Lak language. This publication joins a series of previous translations, including the Gospel of Mark (1996), Gospel of Luke (2002, 2012), Gospel of Matthew (2016), Gospel of Luke and Acts (2019), and Gospel Parables (2020), all of which are available on the IBT website in the e-publications section.

Bible Stories is a collection of 58 narrative passages recounting the major events described in the Old and New Testament, from the creation of the world to Revelation. The book is a condensed version of the popular "Children's Bible" that IBT has been publishing in various languages for many years...

February 7, 2024
Библия для детей на татарском яз. ИПБ, 2023

IBT has released the second edition of the Children's Bible in Tatar. This new edition has been carefully aligned with the text of the complete Bible in Tatar, published in 2015. The first edition of the Children's Bible has already become a rare find and over the past 12 years a new generation of young readers has emerged.

The Children's Bible is a collection of 250 Bible stories that recount the events described in the Old and New Testament, from the creation of the world to Revelation. This book contains retellings and direct quotations of selected biblical texts, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of these important events. To further engage young readers, each story is accompanied by a bright colour illustration that bring the stories to life...