What do others say about IBT's work?

"The single-minded work of the Institute for Bible Translation ... has been remarkable with its vision to provide the Scriptures for all the non-Slavic peoples in the USSR. Many translation projects were started in very restrictive conditions under Communism." 

Patrick Johnstone in ‘Operation World’

"For many people it is very important to get in touch with the Word of God through their mother tongue. It is hard to overestimate the efforts of the Institute staff in helping such people. It will result in the publications that might be used as a subsidiary resource for understanding of the Holy Scripture and thus be a substantial help for our Orthodox clergy in their pastoral work."

 The late Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexis II

“IBT’s work is enriching cultural traditions and drawing various people groups closer together on the most real and understandable basis – the basis of communion with God. After all, the Word of God and contact with it unites people against the forces of evil, which are so openly flaunting themselves in the modern world. That is why I think that IBT is supplementing, compensating for, and sometimes completely taking the place of the work that we Orthodox priests ought to be doing at least within the bounds of our own Orthodox tradition. And their work is not a phony substitute or a fraudulent surrogate. It’s just that the Lord decided that in our time, this is probably the most effective and dependable method to spread the Word of God in our land – namely through the partnership of Orthodox believers with Christians of other confessions for the purpose of making the Bible available, understandable and close to all people.”

Very Rev. Boris Danilenko – Director of the Synodal Library of the Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow

“All of us remember our Lord’s Great Commission “Go and preach to all nations”.  But how can we preach without the Word of God in our hands? This is why the work of IBT, a work that is impossible to overestimate, is exactly what we need – Russians, Ukrainians, Kyrgyz, the peoples of the North and Far East of Russia – all of us”. 

Rt. Rev. Pavel Okara – Bishop, Chairman of the Evangelical Pentecostal Union of Russia

"Our hearty gratitude to all who work in  the Institute implementing God’s holy work  —  providing the Holy Scriptures to the peoples of Russia, spreading His Word among the nations. Praise the Lord! His infinite Love ignites his faithful followers to continue the cause of salvation".

Rt. Rev. Yuri Sipko – Bishop, Chairman of the Baptist Union of Russia

"I am proud to be invited to join the Council of Reference of IBT and to be associated with the translation of the Word of God into the many languages of the former Soviet Union, spoken by millions of people."

Rev. Canon Dr Michael Bourdeaux founder of Keston College and Institute

"It was fascinating to read the initiatives to this huge arena with so many languages and ethnic backgrounds. What a vast and neglected mission-field you have entered. That is wonderful. I am delighted to give my support to your ministry."

Rt.. Rev. Michael Baughen – Bishop, formerly of Chester

"I consider it a real privilege to be on the IBT Council of Reference. IBT plays a major role in co-operation with other translation agencies in the vital task of Bible translation for the 130 languages of Russia and the CIS. With growing Christian churches and fellowships this task is of vital importance."

Martin Goldsmith All Nations Christian College

"I have known and admired the work of IBT since its inception. Over the years the vision to provide God's Word for every people within the former Soviet Union has been followed with unfaltering commitment. We thank God for our partnership with them in a substantial number of translation projects. I warmly commend their ministry for the prayers and support of God's people."

The late Dr John Bendor-Samuel – Wycliffe Bible Translators

"In these days more people are talking about reaching the more unreached, but IBT is one of the groups that is seriously doing something about it. How can it be that so many people still do not have their first scripture portion in their own language? I really pray that more people will get involved."

Dr George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation (OM)