Spring 2024 Newsletter on the Kurdish (Kurmahji) project

Very soon another complete Bible will be published by IBT. This time it will be in the Kurdish (Kurmanji) language. We expect the first print-run in Cyrillic script in 2024 or early 2025, followed by a Roman-script edition, since the Kurdish community is scattered in different countries that use different scripts.

Winter 2023-2024 Newsletter

In late 2023, a training seminar was held at IBT’s Moscow office in connection with a completely new activity for the Institute, something called Oral Bible Translation (OBT). The OBT methodology has already been tested in various places around the world and several potential staff members for future OBT projects had taken part in an international OBT conference in the summer of 2023. The OBT approach makes it possible to start full-fledged work on Bible translation where there is no written language or where mother-tongue literacy has not been widely promulgated. IBT’s fall seminar brought together about 20 potential exegetical advisors from IBT and a partner organization who are considering joining an OBT project to serve various minority peoples of Russia...

Autumn 2023 Newsletter on the Uzbek project

The Uzbek Bible translation project is one of those projects where the full Bible, already translated and published (in 2016), is being actively incorporated into the life of local Christian communities and into Uzbek society at large.  The Uzbek Bible app for smartphones holds the record for being the most downloaded IBT app for several years in a row. One of the project's translators, let’s call her Esther (she asked us not to use her real name since Uzbekistan is a Muslim country), gladly shared a few stories about her many years of work in the project and plans for the future.

“Uzbek Christian believers looked forward greatly to getting the full Bible. The attitude to the Bible varies among traditional Muslims, but the main thing that all of our readers noted, regardless of their religion, was that the translated text is very clear. One Uzbek scholar, who is a university professor and a traditional Muslim, even said, ‘This is one of the best translated books I’ve ever read in Uzbek.’ ...

Summer 2023 Newsletter on a Caucasian project

“This was our toughest consultant checking session yet!” confessed Vitaly, IBT’s former director and still a consultant for a North Caucasian Scripture translation project which for safety reasons we were asked not to name. Let’s simply call it “the T-language”. Vitaly then shared some of the difficulties in the checking session and how most of them were overcome, leaving behind a sense of joy for a job well done by all the translation team members...

Spring 2023 Newsletter

In December 2022 a new phase began in the life of the Institute for Bible Translation: Dr. Vitaly Voinov, IBT director since 2013, handed over his directorship to his successor, Bron Cleaver. We interviewed them individually and would like to offer you an insight into this change in the life of IBT.

Vitaly, was it a valuable life experience for you to be the director of IBT? What was most important?

Infinitely valuable! This gave me the opportunity to participate not just in one or two translation projects, but in almost fifty different projects at the same time. I got to know a lot of very talented people dedicated to their language and was able to contribute to maintaining and promoting their work. I also realized that not all problems can simply be “rammed through” by personal willpower: you need to be able to get other people to work together to solve problems that are too big for one person, even the director...