1-2 Samuel, 1-2 Kings published in the Kumyk language
March 5, 2020
Кнниги Царств на кумыкском язые
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IBT has recently published 1-2 Samuel and 1-2 Kings as a single edition in the Kumyk language of Dagestan. Kumyk is the largest Turkic language of the N. Caucasus, with more than 500,000 Kumyks living in Russia (according to the 2010 census).

1-2 Samuel, 1-2 Kings (or 1-4 Kingdoms as they are known in the Greek and Russian traditions) belong to the historical books of the Old Testament. This is the fifth OT book published by IBT in Kumyk, the others being Genesis/Proverbs (2009), Psalms (2016), and Job (2018). IBT also published the Kumyk NT in 2007 and an illustrated book of Gospel Parables in 2016.

The Kumyk translation team is continuing to work on the rest of the Old Testament, with current work in progress on several of the Minor Prophets. The next publication in the Kumyk project is expected to be the Pentateuch in 2021.

All published Kumyk Scriptures can be found on IBT’s website, and apps for Android and iOS can be downloaded from Google Play и в AppStore.