"Illustrated Stories from the Holy Scriptures" in the Chechen language
July 11, 2014

Almost 50 different languages are native to the Caucasus region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. IBT has published illustrated compilations of Biblical stories in several of these languages, including Azeri, Armenian, Georgian, Ossetic, Balkar, Lezgi, Tabasaran and Chechen.

The first edition of Bible stories in the Chechen language, originally published in 2010, has now been expanded and published as a hard cover book with 133 stories from the Old Testament and 113 from the New Testament. The text of "Illustrated Stories from the Holy Scriptures" is based on the terminology used in IBT's translation of the full Chechen Bible, published in 2012, and frequently quotes the text of Scripture directly. The Old Testament passages include the well-known stories about the creation of the world, Adam and Eve, Noah's ark, the Ten Commandments, the plagues on Egypt, the Old Testament prophets and their prophecies of the coming Messiah, while the New Testament part of the book tells of the birth of Jesus Christ, His life and teaching, His death and resurrection, and the deeds, travels and teaching of His first followers following Pentecost. The book is intended to be useful and interesting for a wide range of ages. Each story is accompanied by a colorful illustration, while maps and photos of Bible lands and an index of Bible passages can be found in the appendix.

For many people in the former Soviet Union, the stories and pictures contained in this beloved IBT edition were their first acquaintance with the world of the Bible and the rich Biblical imagery that is found in both the Christian and the Muslim tradition. IBT sincerely hopes that together with the translation of the full Bible, this illustrated book too will earn a place of honor amidst other works of literature in the Chechen language.