The Chukchis live at the farthest eastern tip of Russia, on the Chukotka peninsula, directly across the Bering Strait from Alaska. It is a place noted for its extremely harsh climate. The Chukchi language is spoken by about 5,000 people out of the 16,000 total that make up the entire Chukchi population. Until 1931, the Chukchi language had no official orthography, despite attempts in the 1800s to write religious texts in it. The Chukchi writing system was created during the Soviet period, first with a Roman script (1931) and later (1937) with a Cyrillic script. Chukchi is an endangered language, but one in which there are a number of Christian believers and active churches that want to get the Gospel out to the primarily animist Chukchis in their mother tongue.

Your donation of 500 rubles will allow IBT to print and deliver 1 copy of the Gospel of Luke, and 1 copy of Jonah to the Chukchi people.

November 30, 2016

IBT has published a new illustrated Scripture portion, the Noah story, in the Dungan language. The story of Noah and the Flood from the book of Genesis is the first publication in the “Lives of the Prophets” series that the Dungan translation team is working on following the popular edition of the Proverbs of Solomon (published in 2015). The Noah story is presented in parallel columns in Dungan and Russian and is illustrated by beautiful artwork produced by a Dungan painter. An audio CD with the recording of the story in Dungan is included with the book.

November 29, 2016

After IBT published the New Testament in the Tabasaran language of Dagestan in 2010,  the translation team decided to continue their work by translating the Old Testament. Their first Old Testament trial publication (Ruth and Jonah) came out in 2013.  The translators then turned their attention to further OT books, including Esther and Daniel, which were printed in late 2016. Tabasaran is spoken by about 125,000 people and is considered by many linguists to be the record holder among the world’s languages for the number of grammatical cases , 48.

November 7, 2016

One more book of the Bible has been published by IBT in the Sakha (Yakut) language, a translation of the Proverbs of Solomon. The main Sakha translator and exegete for this IBT project, Sargylana Leontieva was constantly astonished by the interest expressed in these biblical proverbs by non-religious Sakha people who are not in any way involved in the work of Bible translation. “Apparently, it’s because biblical proverbs remind Yakuts of our own folklore with its many proverbial sayings,” she reflects. “The Proverbs contain the kind of wisdom and advice that is vital for all people.”

The PDF version of this Yakut translation may be found on the Electronic Books page of the IBT website.