The Yakuts, who prefer to call themselves ”Sakha”, live in Yakutia (or the  Yakut Republic, in the Russian Federation), situated in northern Siberia and known for the coldest climate of any inhabited location on the earth. The villages of Oimyakon and Verkhoyank have registered -72° C (or -97° F). Yakutia is the largest of Siberia’s republics – twice the size of Alaska. The capital city is Yakutsk. The Yakuts are related to other Turkic peoples of Siberia and Central Asia. Many Yakuts are Orthodox Christians (though animism is still strong there). Christianity was brought to Yakutia first in the 18th century by merchants and monks – the first Orthodox diocese was formed almost 150 years ago. Christianity also spread there because in the 19th century it was a place of exile for political prisoners and deportees from Central Russia...

After the publication of “Four Parables from the Gospel of Luke” in 2016, the team started working on the Gospel of Mark and later also on the revision of Luke. By now the Synoptic Gospels have been checked for consistency and a checking session of John is planned in 2019 in order to prepare the edition of the 4 Gospels together. Work is also continuing on Acts.

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Deaf population in Russia: ≈ 200,000
Status of translation team: active team, consisting of deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing members
Long term plans: NT
Current work: Gospel of Mark