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An electronic donation system is now available on our website. By clicking on the "Contribute" button in the main menu, you can easily make a one-time or regular (monthly) donation using your debit or credit card. The donated funds will support our Bible translation projects.


Voice audio recording of the whole OT was finished at the end of 2020. Further editing, mastering and adding music is planned for 2021.The existing recordings of OT and NT books on a device called the Proclaimer are being distributed among Tuvans who live in yurts and do not have access to a computer or the internet.

Your donation will help the Tuvan OT audio recording project to be continued in 2021.

According to one authoritative estimate, there are up to 200,000 people in Russia who cannot hear and up to 13 million who are hard of hearing. The latter are either Russian speakers or bilingual (that is, they speak both Russian and RSL), but for the part of the population that is completely deaf from birth, the Russian language is not their mother tongue. In fact, Russian is a separate subject of study for them, similar to a foreign language. In their everyday life these people use RSL as their natural language. Reading the Bible in Russian causes significant difficulties for this group, and there is still no Orthodox Church translation of even a single book of the Bible into RSL. So it is no wonder that the majority of deaf people are far from the Russian Orthodox Church, or from any Christian confession, for that matter...

Your donation will help the Russian Sign Language Bible translation project to be continued in 2023.

The team is working hard to achieve the needed level of naturalness and clarity in their translation in order that it would find interested readers in the Lak community.

At present, intensive preparations are under way for the publication of the Four Gospels, the Book of Acts and Revelation. The edition, containing these books is scheduled for release in late 2021.

Your donation of $30 will help to publish and deliver to Dagestan 10 copies of Four Gospels, the Book of Acts and Revelation (Print run – 500 copies)