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Abaza Ruth, Esther

Abaza Parables (9)

Abaza Gospel of Matthew

Avar 1-2 Samuels, 1-2 Kings

Adyge Deuteronomy

Adyge Parables

Adyge/Kabardian Ecclesiastes + CD

Altai Bible Stories

Altai/Russian New Testament

Balkar Ruth, Esther and Daniel

Balkar Gospel of Luke

Balkar Jonah

Bashkir Gospel of Luke (reprint)

Baluchi Gospel of Luke

Buryat Stories about Jesus (+audio CD)

Chukchi Parables

Chukchi Bible stories

Crimean Tatar Gospel of Matthew

Crimean Tatar Bible

Gagauz Genesis

Greek/Russian Interlinear Gospel of Matthew

Greek/Russian Interlinear Gospel of Luke

Georgian Stories about Jesus

Dargin Ruth, Esther, Jonah

Dolgan Stories about Jesus

Dungan Moses

Dungan Jonah

Ingush Gospel of John

Kabardian Gospel of Luke

Kabardian Proverbs

Kabardian Daniel, Ruth

Kabardian Parables

Kabardian Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Esther

Kalmyk Bible Stories+ CD

Khakas Jonah

Kumyk 1-2 Samuels, 1-2 Kings

Kurdish (Kurmanji) Gospel of Luke and Acts

Kurdish (Kurmanji) Psalms, Proverbs (Latin)

Lak Parables (9)

Lak Luke, Acts

Nanai Luke

Nganasan Selections of Luke

Nenets Parables

Nenets Jonah

Poliglot Easter book

Poliglot The Birth of Jesus Christ

Russian Conference book 2008

Rushani Selections of Luke

Siberian Tatar/Russian Jonah

Siberian Tatar Parables (9)

Siberian Tatar Ruth, Esther

Tajik New Testament 2021

Tatar Gospel of John (diglot, reprint)

Tuvan Children`s Bible (2nd edition)

Turkmen Bible (Cyr)

Uzbek Bible (lat)

Uzbek Bible (reprint, Cyr)

Tsakhur Parables

Tsakhur The First People

Tsakhur Noah and the Tower of Babel

Tsakhur The Wisdom of Solomon

Shugni Selections of Luke

Wakhi Selections of Luke

Yazgulyam Selections of Luke

Yakut Ruth, Esther


The number of books is limited. Please contact          

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