The Liturgical Six Psalms (Hexapsalmos) in Kyrgyz
December 18, 2015

Working in coordination with the Bible Society of Kyrgyzstan and the Orthodox Diocese of Kyrgyzstan, IBT has produced the Kyrgyz translation of  the Six Psalms (Hexapsalmos) that are used in the Orthodox church service. In mid-December, IBT’s deputy director Marina Lomova presented the diocese with 200 copies of this translation, which was printed in Bishkek by Al-Salam Publishing House.

The Six Psalms that are included in the Orthodox liturgy are 3, 37, 62, 87, 102, and 142 (according to the Septuagintal numbering system of the Psalms, which differs slightly from the numbering system used in the Hebrew text.)  These Psalms are read at every matins service during the course of the year, except for the first week after Easter.

Whereas IBT has previously published the Six Psalms in the Yakut language (2007) and Gagauz language (2011), this is the first time that the Six Psalms have been published by IBT as a diglot edition, with the Kyrgyz text parallel to the traditional Church Slavonic text. The bishop of Kyrgyzstan has requested that IBT continue translating other texts that are used in the Orthodox liturgy into Kyrgyz.