January 20, 2024

From January 15 to 20, the Institute for Bible Translation held a practical seminar on oral Bible translation  (OBT) in Makhachkala.

Translators and exegetical advisers from the Tsudakhar, Godoberi, Chamalal andl Karata projects participated in this event. All four of these non-written languages belong to the Nakh-Dagestani language family. The oral nature of the use of these languages by their speakers determined the choice of the oral Bible translation methodology for them.

The workshop started with an introduction to the methodology of the translation process, providing the participants with a solid foundation for their practical exercises. The practical segment of the workshop focused on the 1st chapter of the book of Ruth, allowing the participants to apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills to a specific biblical text...

Winter 2023-2024 Newsletter

In late 2023, a training seminar was held at IBT’s Moscow office in connection with a completely new activity for the Institute, something called Oral Bible Translation (OBT). The OBT methodology has already been tested in various places around the world and several potential staff members for future OBT projects had taken part in an international OBT conference in the summer of 2023. The OBT approach makes it possible to start full-fledged work on Bible translation where there is no written language or where mother-tongue literacy has not been widely promulgated. IBT’s fall seminar brought together about 20 potential exegetical advisors from IBT and a partner organization who are considering joining an OBT project to serve various minority peoples of Russia...