A collaborative effort between IBT Stockholm and scholars from the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg. The Greek text is based on the UBS4/NA27 text.

The first Bible concordance was produced in Latin in 1244. The Greek version followed in 1300, and the Hebrew version in the 18th century. IBT Stockholm together with Light in the East and the British and Foreign Bible Society produced this Russian concordance to meet a felt need in the era before digital Bible texts made word studies fast and easy.

Papers presented at the first joint conference held by IBT and the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1994.

IBT Stockholm's reprint edition of the 1939 edition of the Russian Synodal Bible with maps, cross-references, a short index, and study notes by Pastor Bernard Goetze.

This scholarly commentary on the entire Bible was started by Professor A.P. Lopukhin and published in 12 volumes from 1904 to 1913. The original edition quickly went out of print.