IBT webinar on Scripture-based media production
July 11, 2020

Several speakers of Tuvan, Altai, and Gagauz took part in a webinar on the production of Scripture-based media from July 7 to 11. The webinar focused on practical skills, such as how to use Vegas Movie Studio and Photoshop. 

Dr. Vitaly Voinov, Director of the Institute for Bible Translation, introduced the course with a summary of ways Scripture has been put into media format in the past, as well as an overview of biblical films and other materials already available in Tuvan, Altai, and Gagauz. The bulk of the webinar was devoted to teaching participants how to actually produce simple videos based on Scripture in their mother tongue. This process includes stages such as scriptwriting; storyboarding; selection of video, images, and audio; and editing. 

Originally, IBT had planned to hold this webinar as a live seminar. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the seminar was moved to an online format. Thanks to this change, residents of various regions were able to participate. 

Scripture-based videos like those produced in this webinar can be viewed on IBT’s YouTube channel.